Bowling Green


We're back from the tour and I've been trying to catch up with life in general and settle back into the old routine. Part of what I wanted to do since I got back was get back into…

It's Done!

Holy crud! The new album is done, and just waiting for its release date, this Friday, July 27. This thing has been a very long time in the making, and we're super excited about it! I absolutely cannot wait. Once…


New Music From the Trio

You'd think that, seeing as my office is a studio, I'd be recording stuff all the time. Well, I thought so too. We were both wrong. However! After much deliberation we've dreamed up the next step for recorded music from…


Makin' Stuff

For a long time I've enjoyed making things. Obviously most often it's music, but I like to make all kinds of stuff. This past Christmas I got some leather working tools and picked up a bunch of scrap leather to…




We're making some changes around here at Northland Rail Studios. The one-man-band was experiencing some infighting and creative differences, and I think it's time that we turn this thing into a trio full time. We've been playing live…


A New Video from the Trio


I've been on a tear since finishing up the last Depot EP video trying to do all of the booking that could possibly be done. It's been a long time since I did so much typing, honestly! In…


February Depot EP

Hey! It's Depot EP day! This month I decided to do an instrumental with Scruggs style banjo. It was tough, but a fun challenge! I hope you like it!



January Depot EP

Hey there! December was pretty quiet on the website front, but big changes are afoot! First and foremost, here is January's Depot EP video: 

Rabbit in the Log:

I had a lot of fun doing this one…


December Depot EP


December's Depot EP! This time it's Will the Circle be Unbroken. And I busted out the old pump organ! I've been looking for an excuse to use it for ages! Ha! 

Okay just a quick update this…


November Depot EP

Heya, friends! 

This month's Depot EP submission is Old Home Place. A great bluegrass tune, and since I got my resonator banjo back, I'm playing Scruggs-style on this one. Feels good to be pickin' the banjo again though, I…


October Depot EP

Hello! I opted for a different feel for this month's Depot EP video, and added some mood lighting to fit. Let me know what you think!